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Roman was born in 1985, in Czechoslovakia. In 2010, he completed a Master‘s degree in geography at the Comenius University in Bratislava. After his studies, he moved to Berlin to engage in social work and to get to know the juggling scene. This was followed by education in contemporary circus at the Die Etage - School for Performing and Fine Arts in Berlin.

In Roman's artistic work, various techniques and concepts are merging to investigate the relationship between body and object. In the past two years, his juggling practice has shifted towards manipulating sturdy objects and free weights. He aims to detect and develop a movement language and to find the complementarity in the manipulation.


His research is inspired by philosophy, sports, and human labour.


Roman has been involved in various social and artistic projects such as Zentrum für bewegte Kunst, which is working with adults with Trisomy 21, as well as Cabuwazi Circus. He is collaborating with artists such as Benjamin Richter, Stefan Sing, and Darragh McLoughlin.


In 2021, Roman premiered Absurd Hero, his first full-length stage work.

Roman Škadra
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