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Roman Škadra is a juggler and circus maker from Slovakia. He holds a Master’s degree in geography from the Comenius University in Bratislava. In 2012 he moved to Berlin and completed training in contemporary circus at Die Etage - Schule für darstellende und bildende Kunst in Berlin.

In Roman's artistic work, various techniques merge to investigate the relationship between body and object. In recent years, his practice has shifted away from juggling towards manipulating heavy objects. Roman is part of a movement of artists who question the conventional perception of circus, creating works that stand at the intersection of different art forms and are intended to be presented in diverse contexts. He draws inspiration from literature, visual art, sports, and human labour. 

In 2021, Roman premiered Absurd Hero, his first full-length stage work. 

In 2022, he created Im Bau, with an eye towards work in isolation.

Currently, Roman is in the late phase of creation of his second stage work Girevik. The piece will premiere in February 2024. 

In addition to his own work, Roman collaborated with Stefan Sing in Critical Mess and has been part of Squarehead Productions' For As Long As We're Here.

Roman Škadra
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